Acceptable vs Unacceptable

Anxiety and depression. In today’s society it is being pushed as being okay, even though at the same time, the government wants into our medical files to put people on lists to limit our rights and keep us under some kind of watchlist. I mention this because those who might otherwise benefit from certain types of medication are afraid to be outed as broken. And the sad part is many people might be suffering from one or both of these conditions (from mild to extreme) and not even know it.

I know I did not know for most of my life. Personally, I thought I was just suffering from boredom. To top it off, because I had been in a few correctional institutions as a kid, and had to see either psychologists or psychiatrists, with their many tests to take, and yet none of them never mentioned it to me, and they certainly never tried to help me; whether with counselling or medication.

And if you are a Christian as I am, then it is looked down upon because you are broken in some way. Oh, many will profess that there is nothing wrong, and if you need help you should get it. However, many ministries will not hire you, or limit what you can do. And many churches will either limit what you can volunteer to do or not let you. And you can forget being a minister. You can preach or pray since you are lacking in some way. I used to be a minister for many years but did not even bother to renew this past year as I know how the denomination feels about not being able to stand in faith and be delivered.

I am of the conviction that the Holy Spirit is the one who put the idea in my head to talk to my doctor about it. First, I was given anxiety medication and it helped but did not fully resolve my difficulties, so we added a low dose of antidepressant medication. It helped allot, but still was not quite there yet. So, we upped the dose a little and I started feeling better, much better. And as time has gone on, my life is not only so much better (I know, overusing the word), but I have found as the months have passed, I have become less and less angry. And am very remorseful for how I have treated people over the many years of my life.

A great unexpected side effect is that I have begun to get my relationship with Jesus back. I will not say I lost my faith, but I will say that I had lost the close sense of His presence. So no matter what anyone may say or imply, do not let their views or feelings stop you from getting the help that is out there. And if you are a Christian, and especially you ministers, if they do not except you, then just go somewhere else where they will. Because no one can take the calling Jesus has on your life. God is your Father and He is the one who calls you, and He is not going to take it back!

Second Post

A Partial Bio

In a world where having issues seems to be a disqualifier to success, especially in ministry, it has been my privilege to share how Jesus has shown grace, mercy and compassion to me. The primary purpose of my blog is to do so with as much transparency as I can. Hello. My name is Kenneth Ide, and I grew up with many serious issues, which adversely affected the lives of others as well as myself. Just as Jesus told the man living in Gadarenes to go home and tell his family and friends the great things the Lord had done for him, and share how He had shown compassion and mercy toward him, Jesus has given me the same to do. I have done that in churches, schools, civic groups and other places where I have been given a place to speak and tell my story. I am as open and transparent as possible in an effort to bring hope to those who struggle with many of life’s seemingly hopeless issues, sharing the amazing compassion the Lord has given me. And just as Jesus leads me by the hand to a freer life where His light drives out the darkness, I have seen Him bring that same light, life and hope to many whom the enemy would swallow up in darkness if he could.

Firmly believing I had no value and my life was less than meaningless, I attempted suicide on three separate occasions between the ages of 18 and 19. Attempted only because God Himself intervened. I had taken enough dangerous drugs to kill me many times over and yet nothing happened. A day after my last attempt, I chose another form of suicide, I committed a brutal senseless crime that harmed several people physically, and more than likely, emotionally scarred them for life.

I was sentenced to 60 years to life when I was 19 years old by a judge who was greatly angered by my crimes. Yelling at me from the bench that I was a sociopath who would only progress to even more heinous crimes, he decided that I deserved no leniency. The judge believed it was impossible for me to change, and he would have gotten no argument from me. But neither that judge nor I knew, nor could we have anticipated that I would have an encounter with The Living God who would begin the process of changing my life through my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. God became a Father to me, literally parenting me as a Father is meant to raise a child. And I have grown, but like most children, I still have some maturing to do. As His Word says, that He who began a good work in me will bring it to full completion until the day of Jesus Christ.

Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

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Can’t think how to get started? Just write the first thing that pops into your head. Anne Lamott, author of a book on writing we love, says that you need to give yourself permission to write a “crappy first draft”. Anne makes a great point — just start writing, and worry about editing it later.

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